Where do you get your products from?
Our products come from various sources; we find them from our closets, the closets of our friends and from people with appreciation for quality clothing. At the moment we don't have any official suppliers but tend to make unique finds to the collection from all around Finland.

What is your quality guarantee for the products you sell?
We choose our products carefully. Our guarantee for selling high quality second hand goods is that if the item has lasted thus far in good condition, it will last another good few years or even decades. We also believe in our customers: if you truly desire a piece of clothing or accessory and make the decision to purchase it, you will also take good care of it. Good garment care goes a long way.

Can I sell my own second hand through WST?
It's possible! We take in high quality, timeless pieces, but do not necessarily look for luxury products. We are launching a new service based on this need. Read the text below or have a look at the 'Sell with WST' page to get a quick understanig how the service works. 


How can I sell items through WST?
Send us an email (westartedthis@wst.fi) describing what kind of items you wish to sell. You can add photos of the products and tell which brands they are. After that you’ll get an email from us confirming which of the items we can accept. We’ll send you a prepaid shipping label and packaging material. Pack the clean clothes that are in excellent condition, into the shipping bag. Stick the sticker on top of the bag and drop it off to any post office. When we receive the items, we’ll send you an email that everything’s ok, together with a list of the items. Once an item is sold and the 14 day return period is up, you receive 50% of the item’s selling price.

The 50% provision includes photographing the products, storage, taxes, and shipping fees to the customer. 

What kind of products do you accept?
We sell high quality, used designer and branded clothing.
We take quality very seriously, so the items that are accepted to the collection must contain absolutely no signs of use (signs of tear, stains, missing button etc). The clothes must be washed prior to shipping them to us.
We don’t accept fast fashion brands such as H&M, Zara, Lindex etc.

How long do you have the items, and what happens to them if they don't sell?
The selling period for the items is 4 months. Items that are not sold during that period can be added to the sale category during the last month. Finally, the items can be recycled onwards or if you wish, we can send them back to you (shipping fee 5€).

Who decides the prices?
We at WST will decide the final selling price but are open to your suggestions. You can send the suggestions to us by email or on the note that’s included in the shipping material we send you. We have solid experience in buying and selling second hand clothing both online and offline, so you’ll be sure to always get an expert’s valuation of the right re-selling price (for both the buyer and seller!).

When will I get the money from my sales?
WST provides a full 14 day return policy on all items. When an item is sold and the return period is up, you receive 50% of the selling price. It’s paid in 15 - 30 days from the date the item has been sold, as provisions are paid every other week. For the first provision, we subtract a 5€ shipping and handling fee.

When your items have been added online, you get a 10€ gift card to our store’s entire collection!

Questions or feedback about the service? We’d love to hear from you! Contact us at: westartedthis@wst.fi. We’re easy to talk to, and quick in replying!


We welcome all project-based collaborations. Whether you are a designer, photographer, artist, student, freelancer, company or anything inbetween please contact us at westartedthis@wst.fi, we'd love to hear your ideas!